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Psalms of Trust – Statements of Faith focuses on the statements of faith found in six well-known Psalms that address the strength, comfort, encouragement, and protection provided by God in
challenging times.


In the Christian life, we can find security in God’s preserving love. Our fundamental soundness stems from knowing that we are safe and sound in God’s care, regardless of our circumstances. God promises His child: provision, protection, and presence.


This Psalm of Trust is often found amid anticipated deliverance, as individuals seek refuge and strength from God in times of trouble. When faced with problems, our initial instinct is to run or escape. However, this psalm challenges that.


In Psalm 23 we see the sufficiency and security that arise from a relationship with God as our Good Shepherd. He not only provides us peace amidst the storms but also restores us when we have strayed.


As a child of God, we have comprehensive care of the Shepherd. His grace for our sin, His strength for our weakness, His riches for our poverty, His faithfulness for our moods, His wisdom for our confusion. Wherever we are and whatever we’re facing, Jesus Christ makes up the difference.


Psalm 91 is known as the psalm of protection, reminding us that when we trust in God we can find shelter under the shadow of the Almighty. Find comfort knowing that no matter where we are or what life throws our way, dwelling and hiding in God’s presence will always be the safest place.


On this broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy begins the second message in this new series by turning our attention away from our fears, and onto the goodness of God. When we go through storms, it is easy to doubt our security in God. But in this message titled, “Safe and Sound,” we are reminded that our hope and prosperity is found always, and only, in our Heavenly Father.


In any situation, God calls us to choose faith over fear! And on this broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy shows us how to make faith a daily discipline. After all, faith is the antidote to fear!

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