Topic: Suffering


This series provides insight into Jesus’ master plan for the church today. We cannot afford to ignore what Jesus thinks of the church.


We must remember that Jesus promised us a safe landing, but not a smooth crossing. God has graced you with salvation and He’s going to grace you with suffering, on behalf of the one who suffered for you.


What we need is an unashamed Church in a shameless society. Our culture is unabashed and unafraid to express its rebellion towards God.


It is easier to fit in, it’s better for all concerned to go with the flow because who wants to be rejected when one can be accepted? Nobody likes to be the odd man out. Nobody likes to be on the outside looking in. Peer pressure is real. Melting into the crowd is a great and a grave temptation.


When we get pushback from friends and family about the Gospel, we might wonder what we are doing wrong. But on this Monday broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy shares that suffering might actually be a sign that we are doing something right! That was the case for the first-century church at Smyrna as he points out in this opening segment of the teaching on the letter to that church in this “You’ve Got Mail” series.


Prison. Beatings. Lions. Death. Sounds like the makings of a Hollywood action film, doesn’t it? But this movie-like material was also the reality of a first-century church. On this Tuesday broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy shares how the believers at Smyrna stood their ground in the face of persecution.

In her book The Path of Loneliness, Elisabeth Elliot tells of those early struggles to get up in the morning and go through the day without Jim at her side. Jim had been martyred for Christ in 1956 seeking to reach the Waorani people of Ecuador with the gospel. Adjusting to that loss and carrying that pain, Elisabeth had to learn simply to put one foot in front of the other in her daily walk of faith.

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