Topic: Spiritual Disciplines

The series That Makes Good Sense teaches from the book of Proverbs on the essential nature of godly wisdom to live life well. The series reminds believers that wisdom is about choosing to live rightly, righteously, and timely so that God is honored in all areas of life.


In the series Above All, Pastor Philip De Courcy highlights the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ as presented in Paul’s letter to the Colossians.


This series provides insight into Jesus’ master plan for the church today. We cannot afford to ignore what Jesus thinks of the church.


The book of Proverbs provides countless valuable lessons for how to live a life honoring God. It emphasizes the essential dignity and equality of work, teaches us to be honest and hardworking individuals in our workplaces, and reminds us that all labor is sacred to Him.

Tech Savvy: Pursuing a Christian Mind in the Digital Age encourages believers to engage their minds to ensure God is honored in the use of digital technologies-not conforming to the mindset of the world.


The Off Color series provides valuable insight to help us master our emotions and not allow emotions to master us. Pastor Philip calls believers to engage their emotions properly and to enjoy God’s goodness in all circumstances of life.

So True Devotional

The story is told of a daughter who thought that it was time for her aging and widowed mother to get on with life, and so she set her up on a blind date with an elderly gentleman friend. When her mother returned after the evening out, she asked how it had gone. The mother replied, “About halfway through the date, I had to slap him.” The daughter gasped and inquired, “Slap him? Did he get fresh with you?” “Oh no,” her mother replied. “I had to check to see if he was still alive.”


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