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So True Devotional

The story is told of Will Rogers, the humorist, who on one occasion went in to get a passport. The official said, “We need to see your birth certificate.” Rogers replied, “What for?” The man behind the desk responded, “For proof of your birth.” Rogers looked at the man whimsically and said, “Well, I’m here, ain’t I?”

So True Devotional

One Sunday morning following the service, a woman came up to the pastor and thanked him for the encouraging and edifying sermon he had just preached. In his response he said, “Thank you, but don’t thank me. Thank the Lord.” She said, “Well, I thought of that, but it wasn’t quite that good.”

So True Devotional

In his book Muscular Faith, author and campus pastor Ben Patterson writes, “When circumstances aren’t as agreeable as I want them to be, I practice a little spiritual discipline that has managed to feed my hope and keep me in joy, nevertheless.

So True Devotional

The news of Japan’s surprise and savage attack upon the American fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, was a bittersweet affair to the British wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill.

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