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Topic: Relationship


The doctrine of the Trinity teaches us that we were made for relationship with God and others. In this sermon, we will learn truths about friendship found within Scripture, including the circle of friendship, character of friendship, and constancy of friendship.


Two is better than one, and friendship can be a great source of strength. Leaving each other better people with a closer grip on God, true friends make sanctifying demands on each other that require faithfulness.


Words have the power to hurt, hide or heal. We must be careful about our choice of words and think twice before we speak.


Proverbs teaches us the power of our words and their ability to reveal our hearts. Our language has great potential to bring joy or hurt in life, making it important for us to be mindful of what we say.

So True Devotional

Uncle Irv was not noted for his religious devotion, but he needed one million dollars to clinch a real estate deal. So, he went down to his local synagogue to pray for the money.

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