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Topic: Ministry


In this passage we see Paul take three pictures from everyday life and he communicates to Timothy from within his world and he encourages him to endure. He encourages him through these vivid images of devotion, discipline, and diligence.


Trying times are not the times to stop trying. We need to persevere, we need to endure. One of the keys to success in life and ministry is a spirit of resoluteness, fixedness, grit, determination, and perseverance.


There are no more tragic words than a useless Christian. Because think about the implication of that phrase, a useless Christian. It speaks of a life purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ, beloved of God, and yet living for a purpose other than God’s glory and kingdom usefulness.


Without Apology teaches the powerful truths that the Apostle Paul taught Timothy to give him courage and confidence to carry out the mission God had set before him. This series will both encourage and equip you to walk courageously in your faith.

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