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Topic: Grace


Life Together will encourage and equip listeners to live out their faith in community, reflecting the love and unity found in Christ.

So True Devotional

A lady went to her local bank to withdraw some money from her account. Having received it from the teller, she proceeded to count it and then recount it. Wondering if he had made a mistake, the teller asked, “What is it, lady? Isn’t it all there?” The woman snapped back, “It just is!” I am not sure what this woman was expecting, but banks are not charities. They give us exactly what we ask for, no more and no less.

So True Devotional

Are you sick of being sick—sick of doctor’s visits, sick of painful treatments, sick of watching life go by, sick of feeling weak, sick of having to be on the receiving end of people’s sympathy, and sick of hopes raised and hopes dashed?

When Jan Carlzon became president of SAS Airlines in 1981, the company was losing thirty million dollars a year and was headed toward financial collapse. Yet, in the span of one year, he transformed the company and surprised business analysts by posting a profit. When asked the secret of his success, he said the turning point had been telling his cleaning crews to wipe the coffee stains off all the flip-down trays after every flight. The business world assumed he was pulling their leg.


Salvation is not achieved through personal efforts or works. But according to Ephesians 2:10, we are created in Christ Jesus for good works! On this episode of Know The Truth, Philip De Courcy explains that salvation naturally brings about a transformed life and leads to righteous actions. It’s an exploration of faith, transformation, and the enduring kindness of our Creator.


The Bible emphasizes that salvation is not achieved through personal efforts—it’s a result of God’s grace! On this episode of Know The Truth, Philip De Courcy expounds on the concept that we are saved by grace alone by shining a light on the undeserved goodness and favor of God.

So True Devotional

There is an old story about a preacher who was driving down a country road when he spied the most beautiful farm he had ever seen. So, he stopped to take a further look. It was picture-perfect. He could tell it was an old farmhouse and farm that had been remodeled. But what a job had been done! The flower beds that ringed the house were magnificent. The white fence that lined the driveway was stunning. . .

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