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Topic: Faith

So True Devotional

What is stopping you from taking that next step? What is it that is making you hold back from boldly moving forward? Is it the size of the task? Is it the doubting of friends and family? Is it the fear of failure? Is it the security of the familiar? There you stand on the doorstep of a great opportunity brilliantly disguised as an impossible situation.


We live in a broken world full of troubles and anxieties, all the way from global and national levels, down to the personal. So, on this broadcast on Know The Truth we begin a new short series drawing on selected Psalms titled “Psalms of Trust – Statements of Faith.” In this opening message Pastor Philip De Courcy takes us to Psalm 46 for some powerful encouragement as we learning how to lean on God in the midst of troubles.


When Life Falls Apart what do you do? That is the subject on this broadcast as Pastor Philip De Courcy concludes this opening message in the new series by inviting us to be real about our fears—but he also reminds us to reach out to God for help! We can sing “Psalms of Trust” and make “Statements of Faith” because God IS our refuge and strength!


On this broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy begins the second message in this new series by turning our attention away from our fears, and onto the goodness of God. When we go through storms, it is easy to doubt our security in God. But in this message titled, “Safe and Sound,” we are reminded that our hope and prosperity is found always, and only, in our Heavenly Father.


In any situation, God calls us to choose faith over fear! And on this broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy shows us how to make faith a daily discipline. After all, faith is the antidote to fear!


In times of crisis, the Psalms remind us to recall the goodness of the Lord. That is a sure way to regain a perspective of faith and trust in God. On this broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy concludes this look at Psalm 16 as he shows us that recalling God’s goodness is transformational.


You’ve probably heard of the psychological response “Fight or Flight.” That is the title of the message on this broadcast from Pastor Philip De Courcy. In this opening segment of this new message drawn from Psalm 11, we read that God stands with us in our times of trouble and we are learning from King David not to react in fear, but to trust in God’s protection.


In recent times, our world has been rocked to the core. There have been pandemics, wars, natural disasters and some of us are still waiting for things to return to “normal.” It is the perfect time for this study of the “Psalms of Trust” and on this Tuesday broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy concludes this look at how King David reacted to fear as recorded in Psalm 11.

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