Gospel preservation is at the heart of 2 Timothy. Paul pleas with Timothy and the church to consider this reality. The times were tough, and he was called by Paul to preach the Word in season and out of season. So, given his timidity, given his times, given his task, he needed to show courage in the face of censorship, apostasy, and a lack of natural fortitude.


Life is a collaborative effort. That success is due to the investment and involvement of others. People who make it in life, people who make it in leadership, have usually been encouraged by parents, helped by friends, developed by mentors, taught by teachers, or inspired by the example of others.


There are no more tragic words than a useless Christian. Because think about the implication of that phrase, a useless Christian. It speaks of a life purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ, beloved of God, and yet living for a purpose other than God’s glory and kingdom usefulness.


Just as a doctor fears disease, and just as a police officer fears criminality, and a judge fears injustice, so the minister of the Gospel fears error. Both false teaching and false doctrine.

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