September 8, 2023
Good Morning
Pastor Philip De Courcy
Psalm 5:3

A PGA golfer will tell you that Thursday is a very important day in any professional golf tournament. It is the day the player needs to get off to a good start. While the tournament cannot be won on a Thursday, it can be lost. They can get so far behind that they don’t make the cut on Friday. I would suggest that what Thursdays are to the game of professional golf, the morning time is to our day. It sets us up for success or failure. It is the rudder to the rest of the day. The day can be won or lost in those first few minutes and hours after waking. Given that reality, let me suggest a good morning routine that will help us all get our day off to a good start. 

Firstly, let us look up to God in prayer (Psalm 5:3). It has been said, “We can do more once we have prayed, but we cannot do more until we have prayed.” Prayer should be the key of the morning and the lock at night.

Secondly, let us open our ear to the voice of God in Scripture (Isa. 50:4). From the moment we wake, many things shout for our attention, but we must push them back until we have heard God speak through His Word.

Thirdly, let us resolve to rejoice (Psalm 118:24). We must commit ourselves to give thanks in everything because we know that God works all things together for our good. 

Fourthly, let us focus on God’s faithfulness (Lam. 3:22–23). With every new day and demand, we can count on God’s tailor-made grace and mercy.

Fifthly, let us rest in God’s comprehensive knowledge of that day (Psalm 139:13–18). God has planned the day we are about to live before we were born. 

Sixthly, let us live in the hope that things will get better (Psalm 30:5). One of these mornings, God will cause the sun to rise on a new season in our lives. 

Seventhly, let us limit our concerns to one day (Matt. 6:34). Each day has its own set of troubles and its own measure of grace. Therefore, we must not borrow from tomorrow.

Eighthly, let us live as if it were our last day, for someday it will be (John 9:4). We must not waste our day, because its choices will have consequences forever. 

It is time to tee off!