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Scripture: Proverbs

The series That Makes Good Sense teaches from the book of Proverbs on the essential nature of godly wisdom to live life well. The series reminds believers that wisdom is about choosing to live rightly, righteously, and timely so that God is honored in all areas of life.


Proverbs are principles, they are not promises. In this book, Solomon is going to introduce to us the bread-and-butter issues of life. He’s going to encourage us to put wisdom into our shopping cart.


The Bible is the source of true wisdom, providing answers to life’s toughest questions and helping us make decisions that will add length and depth to our days. The book of Proverbs gives invaluable insight into the “nitty gritty” issues in our daily lives.


The book of Proverbs provides countless valuable lessons for how to live a life honoring God. It emphasizes the essential dignity and equality of work, teaches us to be honest and hardworking individuals in our workplaces, and reminds us that all labor is sacred to Him.


We all make choices in life. The decisions we make can determine the course of our future, and shape who we become.


God has given us the freedom to make our own decisions in life, and we need to discern what God’s will is for each decision. We must renew our minds with His Word and take into account that He will have the final say.


The doctrine of the Trinity teaches us that we were made for relationship with God and others. In this sermon, we will learn truths about friendship found within Scripture, including the circle of friendship, character of friendship, and constancy of friendship.


Two is better than one, and friendship can be a great source of strength. Leaving each other better people with a closer grip on God, true friends make sanctifying demands on each other that require faithfulness.

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