Scripture: Genesis


In Profiles in Courage, Pastor Philip explores the true nature of biblical courage and how it can transform our lives, communities, and world. This series will challenge believers to be “Profiles in Courage” and exhibit gospel stubbornness-those who fearlessly live out the gospel message and impact our culture for Christ.


Joseph was a man who faced sexual temptation yet kept his integrity, serving as a timeless example for navigating the challenges of our sex-saturated culture today. On this Wednesday broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy takes us to the story of Joseph to examine what it means to have the courage to refuse temptation.


We are in spiritual war, enlisted in the ranks of God’s army! And just as a faithful soldier prepares to engage in battle, we must diligently prepare ourselves to stand against temptation when it crosses our path. On this Thursday broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy continues his “Profiles in Courage” series with the second segment of the lesson from Joseph.


In our godless culture, it can seem like temptation is at every turn. On TV commercials, on billboards, and even in your spam mail! But, on this Friday broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy closes out this message on the story of Joseph with a practical lesson on how to refuse sexual temptation.

Entrust 2024, Counter-Culture: The Uncompromising Church will remind men in church leadership how to be the church in an ever-changing world with a never-changing Word. As leaders, let’s continue to be in the world but not of it!

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