Scripture: 1 Samuel


This series will challenge believers to be “Profiles in Courage” and exhibit gospel stubbornness-those who fearlessly live out the gospel message and impact our culture for Christ.


In the timeless tale of David and Goliath, we witness David’s remarkable courage. He demonstrates great faith in God, relies on Him alone, and boldly slays a colossal giant! On this Thursday broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy begins the last message in this “Profiles In Courage” series as he shares a profound lesson drawn from David’s heroic triumph, and his steadfast trust in God’s unyielding promises.


David’s courage when he slayed Goliath serves as a timeless example of how faith in God’s promises, reliance on Him, and a desire to honor Him can empower us to face seemingly insurmountable challenges. On this episode of Know The Truth, Philip De Courcy uses this timeless story about David to teach us how to live a life of courage by believing God’s promises.


David defeated a bear, conquered a lion, and ultimately triumphed over a menacing giant with determination and courage. But David’s journey to unshakable valor began with a profound belief in the promises of God. On this Monday broadcast, Pastor Philip De Courcy concludes this lesson from First Samuel about the courage to believe God’s promises.

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