Special Messages

The Living Waters Podcast

Ep. 228 – How to Fight Off Discouragement

Explore the struggle against discouragement across three fronts: the world, the flesh, and the devil. Join the guys for insights into maintaining physical well-being and countering internal lies. Be encouraged to embrace faith and resilience for a journey toward renewed hope.

Champion Forest Sunday Message

Champion Forest Sunday Message

Listen in as Pastor Philip preaches a Sunday sermon at Champion Forest in Texas. Reflecting on 1 Peter 1:3-9, he speaks on the subject, The Future Looks Good.

The Christian Outlook

Massive March in Show of Solidarity With Israel

Among many topics and interviewees, Scott Furrow talks with Philip De Courcy, pastor of Kindred Church in Southern California, about the challenges men face today in a culture that is at war against Biblical manhood.

Grace Community Church

GCC Bible Conference 2023 – Power of the Cross – Session 1

Listen to Pastor Philip preach a sermon titled, “The Darkest Hour,” at the 2023 Grace Community Church Bible Conference. He focuses on the verses, Matthew 27:45-50.

Grace Community Church

GCC Bible Conference 2023 – Power of the Cross – Session 4

Make sure to check out the 4th session at the Power of the Cross, 2023 Grace Community Church Bible Conference. Pastor Philip preached on 1 Peter 1:18-19, in a sermon titled “The Precious Blood.”

smiling at the future

When I Am Afraid: Finding Comfort in the Lord

Pastor Philip De Courcy brings the comfort of God’s Word to help us identify and overcome sinful fear by answering several questions, such as: How do we discern the difference between natural, sinful, or holy fear?

Man to Man

Man to Man Conference – Session 5

Listen to Pastor Philip preach at the 2024 Man to Man Conference at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia.


RLN Interviews Know The Truth Ministry’s Philip De Courcy

Pastor Philip De Courcy sits down with Pastor Jack Hibbs to discuss how the reality of Hell drew him to Christ. As a teenager growing up in Northern Ireland, De Courcy witnessed civil tension, with many of his friends getting involved in acts of terrorism. Learn about his passion for discipleship and how he’s connecting people to the truth.


Philip De Courcy Speaks with Steve DeWitt!

While Pastor Scott was on vacation, Philip De Courcy sat in the host chair for today. He is joined by Steve DeWitt to speak on dealing with loneliness and singleness as a Christian.


Philip De Courcy Joined by Mark Hitchcock!

Pastor Philip is in and is joined by author Mark Hitchcock to discuss current events related to prophecy and the Middle East and takes calls from the listeners.