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7 Days of Truth: Resting In God’s Daily Sufficiency

7 Days of Truth: Resting in God’s Daily Sufficiency focuses on God’s daily sufficiency and the consistent disciplines necessary to recognize His sufficiency fully.

You’ll discover profound biblical truths — illustrated through stories and backed by Scripture for further meditation and study.


7 Days of Truth: Resting In God’s Faithfulness

In 7 Days of Truth: Resting in God’s Faithfulness, Pastor Philip De Courcy highlights passages from the book of Psalms to encourage you to practically embrace God’s faithfulness amid the burdens, pressures, and choices of every day. 

With God’s sustaining grace in your corner, you can overcome and find joy, hope, and peace in His promises.


7 Days of Truth: Resting In God’s Providence

We live in a world that is uncertain. That can lead you or someone you love to wonder, who, in fact, is in charge?
In 7 Days of Truth: Resting in God’s Providence, you will look at topics focused on God’s providence, including discovering God’s will, waiting for God’s answer to prayer, and how to find rest in God despite difficulty.


Contentment Spelled Out

In a world where people are never satisfied and always clamoring for more, discontentment can easily creep into our hearts and lives. And while it may seem like a small thing, it can be a gateway to covetousness, envy and other sins that dishonor God and leave you feeling miserable. That is why a proactive pursuit of contentment is essential for the healthy Christian.


Emergency Rations

Emergency Rations – Surviving the struggles of life. Hard times can come out of nowhere and completely cripple us. Our worlds can suddenly be shaken by a bad doctor’s report, a moral failure, or a spiritual dry spell.


Everyday Faith

In Everyday Faith, you will discover afresh that God is pleased by your quiet faithfulness in the mundane, and that everyday faith is exactly what God uses to accomplish His good purpose in our lives.


Handling The Pressure

Life is full of pressure. We all feel it. Sometimes it seems we’ll crack under the stress. God never promised us a life free from pressure but He did provide a real answer in how to handle it. We just need to look to Jesus’ example and follow Him.


Help! I’m Anxious

A mini-book which gently counsels those who tend to worry or struggle with more serious symptoms of anxiety. An increasing number of us are worrying ourselves sick about the past, the present, or the unknown future.


off color book cover

The Know The Truth Off Color: Dealing with Unwelcome Emotions Study Guide and Devotional contains sermon notes and study guides for all eleven sermons in his Off Color series.


Psalms of Trust – Study Guide

The Psalms of Trust Study Guide and Devotional will give you statements of faith you can make, and truths you can believe and trust.


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