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So True Devotional
With the So True devotional, you can access God’s word in an easy and portable way.
So True Devotional
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So True Devotional

Watch, listen or read the latest devotional from Pastor Philip De Courcy.

There is an old story about a preacher who was driving down a country road when he spied the most beautiful farm he had ever seen. So, he stopped to take a further look. It was picture-perfect. He could tell it was an old farmhouse and farm that had been remodeled. But what a job had been done! The flower beds that ringed the house were magnificent. The white fence that lined the driveway was stunning. . .

Entrust Men’s Leadership Conference 2023

The recordings of all four sessions are now available on the Entrust Conference website (click HERE). We encourage you to revisit, apply, and share this year’s resources with friends and other fellow ministry leaders.

Entrust 2023
Entrust 2023
contentment spelled out cover

Contentment Spelled Out

Philip De Courcy

In a world where people are never satisfied and always clamoring for more, discontentment can easily creep into our hearts and lives. And while it may seem like a small thing, it can be a gateway to covetousness, envy and other sins that dishonor God and leave you feeling miserable. That is why a proactive pursuit of contentment is essential for the healthy Christian.


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